About Ann

Ann Butler Canas is back in Los Angeles to reconnect with her core creative talents in TV and entertainment media, which includes on camera work, as well as developing and producing scripted and non-scripted original programming for television and broadband. Her Emmy winning broadcast television career noted principal roles as host, anchor and journalist at major market and national network broadcast companies. Ann’s professional communications credentials are diverse, and include on camera, writing and producing duties at CBS Sports, ABC News, Post-Newsweek and Westinghouse Broadcasting.

During the years of her sabbatical from TV, Ann utilized her communications skill set in marketing and design. Her business development, brand communications and design direction projects often took her abroad, and contributed to a creative lexicon that is global, progressive and modern.

As an artist, Ann is committed to inclusion and the authentic portrayal of diversity. Several of her creative treatments and synopses for original TV programming and film have gay/lesbian/alternative lifestyle themes; and she is a member of GLIDE, an all volunteer pro-inclusion and anti-homophobia public speakers’ forum based in LA.

Ann is an avid patron of the arts and an enthusiastic supporter of local galleries and emerging artist platforms.


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